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Flatbush Teeth Whitening

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Common causes of teeth stains in Flatbush

The common causes of teeth stains, either separately or in conjunction with one another, lead to a smile that you are not satisfied with. Why settle for any less than the white and bright set of teeth you deserve? Here at the office of Rafael Mosery, DDS, you can get safe, effective, long lasting results with our Flatbush teeth whitening.

Personal habits form the core of the common causes of teeth stains, with tobacco topping out the list. Yellow or even brown teeth are to be expected, particularly with heavy use. And the foods and drinks you consume daily also contribute to the loss of natural tooth color. Among them are tea, coffee, red wine, cola, berries, curry, soy sauce, and hard candy. Tetracycline, a common prescription medication, can also stain your teeth. As with all of our treatments, the goal is not only to achieve successful outcomes, but also to make it as convenient as possible for you, our valued patient. And because of that, our Flatbush teeth whitening is a simple one that you can do on your own, in the comfort of your home. We simply provide you with custom-fitted whitening trays that you will wear for a few hours each evening until you get the degree of whiteness that you desire. For most people, this is achieved in only a few days. Home whitening products that you can buy in drug stores or supermarkets typically do not produce the kind of results that ours does. And furthermore, you may end up harming your tooth enamel if the product has abrasive ingredients. Our Flatbush teeth whitening is 100% safe and will leave your enamel intact.

Why not reach out to our office right now and book an appointment to come in? Whiter teeth are just a step away.

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