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Dental plaque in Flatbush

Flatbush dentist
Flatbush dentist

Dental plaque is like a film. It’s sticky and invisible, and it is responsible for both tooth decay and gum disease. Our Flatbush dentist, Rafael Mosery, DDS is committed to helping you prevent the consequences that come along with dental plaque.

Each morning when you wake up, you feel a coating on your teeth. That coating is plaque. The sugar and starch in your diet have a direct link to how much plaque you deal with. Be careful, because even if you think you’re doing a good job of avoiding candy, cake, cookies, and soda, you might be surprised that even no-sugar added fruit juice has plenty of sugar anyway. And so do condiments like ketchup and some salsas. Even the dressing you put on your salad could have too much sugar to be good for your teeth. Our Flatbush dentist suggests that you brush your teeth in the morning and again before you go to bed. Floss vigorously at bedtime, too. Come in every six months for a teeth cleaning as part of your dental examination. Any plaque that has turned to tartar can only be effectively removed at our office. That will see to it that you have less chance of developing future tooth decay and gum disease, but what about any that exists at the time of your visit? Tooth decay results in cavities, and prompt diagnosis means that those cavities are filled before they can grow larger and possibly get infected. Without our proactive care, you are at greater risk for root canal or even a tooth extraction. As for gum disease, a teeth cleaning reverses the effects of its early stage, gingivitis.

It’s the perfect time to make your appointment to see our Flatbush dentist for an exam and cleaning. Contact us right now to arrange a convenient time.

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